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Our Story

We at Raptee are driven by an innovative spirit to redefine electric mobility.

Our motorcycles are intuitive and engineered to outperform conventionally powered vehicles - proving that switching to electric is not a sacrifice.

They are intelligent, powerful, energy-efficient and loaded with cutting-edge technology to augment every single ride you take.

Raptee Motors



Breakdowns, failures, and repairs are all things of the past. We promise not only a futuristic motorcycle, but also a futuristic and hassle-free riding experience.

We believe in doing what is best for the environment. Electric is the future, and we're building for it right now.

No more needless part replacements. No more taking your vehicle to the service centre every few months.Sit back and relax while we look after your motorcycle. Rather, while the motorcycle looks after itself.

Raptee Motors


Electric is now fast.

Top Speed of 135 kmph

Week long charge.

150 km Real World Range

First off the traffic line.

0-60 kmph in < 3.5 secs*

Get to your destination quicker.

0-80% charge in 45 mins*