We eat, we sleep, we work, we travel, moving continuously to the rhythm of the clockwork universe that we are a part of. And in the middle of this, each day we face a multitude of questions within us. Certain questions have the power to create formidable ideas, and we at Raptee, are here today because of one such exciting question which forced us to step out of our construct and build something great. We asked ourselves, 'How can we make lives better, by doing what we love and by letting people do what they love?'. We began exploring what exists out there and within us, and after countless ruminations about consumerism, global warming, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, social psychology, disruptive technologies and Ikigai we realised that we want to swim with the tide, but in a much better way - through sustainable transportation.

We know what we love - making motorcycles and we know what people love - to drive around on them and we realised that the natural next step for us is to make them environmentally sustainable. Social attitudes towards green technologies is deeply encouraging, as we are seeing from the success of electric cars. We want our motorcycles to provide riding experiences that are gratifying but at the same time taking the least possible toll on the environment. We believe our electric motorcycles will soon reach a graceful position in the space of viable vehicles, for that is the passion and commitment with which we are driving Raptee and the question behind it.



Simply put, there is no electric two-wheeler in the market to compete with petrol powered motorcycles in terms of Performance vs Price quotient. Our value proposition is to provide an affordable, always connected motorcycle designed and built ground up that performs on par with its gas-powered counterpart made for the Indian demographic.

Our approach was to move away from the tubular frame that is ubiquitous among motorcycles and design from scratch a motorcycle designed with the electric drivetrain in mind. The motorcycle is built on a US patent pending Chassis and battery assembly process. With more than 90% localization of parts, the vehicle is indigenously designed and manufactured in India.

Registered Office Locations: Raptee Energy Inc, California Raptee Energy Pvt. Ltd., Chennai

Optimal Energy Delivery

OTA Updates with AI Support

Adaptive Driving Modes

Charge Prep & Charger Lookup

Bluetooth Connectivity

Active & Passive Security

Navigation & Geofencing

Diagnostics & Remote

Connected Network

Reverse Mode

Blind Spot Warning

Biometric Access

Sleep Detection

Mobile Phone Controls

Smart Helmet Connectivity

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  • Delivery from the first batch of vehicles
  • Lifetime Free Service
  • Lifetime Free Charging
  • Exclusive Invites to Launch events


Dinesh Arjun
CEO & Co-Founder

With a Master’s in Industrial Engineering from Purdue, Dinesh worked as a Product Manager at Tesla and has over 7 Years experience in the automotive manufacturing and retail field. He has two successful automotive ventures to his name. Dinesh combines an expert technical knowledge with a real eye for design. Working with clients from a wide range of industries, he fully understands client objectives when working on a project, large or small.

Keerthivasan Ravi
CTO & Co-Founder

With a Master’s in Industrial Engineering from Anna University, Keerthivasan is well equipped with design knowledge. Let it be a creative or a technical muddle, his mind is encompassed with solutions. His heart and hands are designed for fabrication. He believes in frugal innovations.

Phunith Kumar

Phunith is a passionate Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the industrial engineering and IT industry. Strong professional with a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) focused in Production Engineering from National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli.

Karthikeyan A
Electronics Lead

Karthik holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Production Engineering from Madras Institute of Technology. With a great passion for the Electric Vehicle and Automotive Industry he likes to work and create new ways to do the things and improve it.